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Epilepsy Association of Sri Lanka (EASL) is a not-for-profit charity established in 1989 with the aim of striving to improve public awareness on epilepsy and to facilitate medical and social support for patients and families with epilepsy in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka is a low to middle income country in which myths and misconceptions on epilepsy are rampant among the community. Education, employment, marriage and social functioning are often adversely affected in individuals afflicted with epilepsy due to the social stigma that is prevalent in Sri Lankan society. These reasons often form a barrier to prevent patients from seeking medical attention as well.  EASL has been over the years trying to quell the misconceptions and stigma associated with this disorder through various public awareness programmes using different media.  Members of EASL who mainly comprise of healthcare workers who treat patients with epilepsy and carers of patients with epilepsy, use print media, electronic media such as television and radio, and social media as mediums to reach out to the community to spread awareness of this disease.

The EASL membership has been growing over the years and functions as a support group providing both medical and psycho-social support for both carers and patients with epilepsy. The EASL also plays an important role in advocacy in Epilepsy. The greater involvement of young people in the association has been pleasing and holds good for the future of epilepsy care in Sri Lanka.


Epilepsy Association of Sri Lanka

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