What is the prognosis of epilepsy?

It must be pointed out that MOST patients who develop seizures DO NOT BECOME EPILEPTICS. The usual prevalence rate of chronic epilepsy in the population is about 5 per 1000. On the other hand, it has been estimated that up to 5% of the general population can experience non-febrile seizures at some point in their lives. So, almost one-tenth of all people who experience a single non-febrile seizure may go on to develop chronic epilepsy later in life. The worldwide experience is that with early and proper treatment, almost 70% persons with epilepsy will achieve complete or near complete seizure control and almost 50% of these will be able to stop their treatment. In newly diagnosed persons with epilepsy, the future outcome is excellent if fits are adequately controlled with anti-epileptic drugs early during treatment. If seizures are not controlled adequately or it takes a longer time to control fits, the prognosis is not that good. It must be remembered that early and effective treatment of epilepsy improves the long-term outlook for such persons. The prognosis of chronic epilepsy is somewhat different. It has been estimated that almost 20-25% of newly diagnosed epilepsy patients will develop chronic epilepsy. These people do have some problems due to their epilepsy but most of them also are entirely normal between seizures.

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